The Great Lakes Métis Council

The Great Lakes Métis Council forms a part of the Métis Nation of Ontario. As such we are the democratic representatives of the citizens of the MNO who live within the geographic territory described in our MNO Community Charter Agreement.

We seek to collectively promote our Métis culture as well as promote and foster prosperity and economic self-sufficiency within our community. We resolve to work towards the recognition and affirmation of our existing Aboriginal and treaty rights including our inherent right of self-determination and self-government.

We affirm that we will represent the Métis citizens of this community under the values, principles and laws of the MNO.

Who We Are

We are a local chartered community council representing the Metis citizens to assist in community development and empowerment.

We oversee services to the Métis community including: educational services, economic development, genealogy and  Aboriginal Youth Services.